My Pride and Asking For Forgiveness

Pride. If unbelief is the root of the tree of all sin in my heart, then pride is the great trunk growing upward from those roots. And from this trunk come all branches, twigs, leaves and fruit of that sin of unbelief. Pride. It’s what gets hurt when I’m confronted with a sin I’ve committed. Even seemingly “little sins” like using badly phrased comments in trying to motivate people to rejuvenate existing ministries within the church. I’ll so often speak without a great deal of forethought to my words and their affect upon those serving. Pride. It’s what must get put to death within me. Take the axe and lay it to the root; slay the beast within that seeks to raise it’s ugly head; hammer & tong, axe & saw, torch & flame… get rid of it. Oh Lord, forgive me my pride and my unbelief. I confess that I rely upon my own “quick-on-my-feet” abilities rather than trustful reliance upon You, Your Spirit and Your Word. Forgive me. And may those I’ve hurt forgive also in Your time.

By His Grace For His Glory,
Pastor Kevin


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