Grace Upon Grace

My bride of 24 years!

Today is Ann’s birthday. Discretion and the better part of self-preservation causes me to forget how old she is today.

In most name books, her name means “grace.” It’s 100% spot-on right. I don’t deserve her.

She’s terribly loving of me and all my quirks. She shows incredible forebearance of my short-comings. Her patience seems to know no end. The care she provides for me and our family is almost tireless. Gentle, kind and good; that’s my wife.

Ann and I have known each other for 30 years now. I don’t know if it was “love at first sight,” but it’s hung in there for that long: over five years of dating/engagement and nearly 25 years of marriage.

I do not deserve her.

And yet, God, who is immensely more gracious than even my wife, has given her to me. To me! It is truly remarkable.

May we be blessed with another 25 years (at least!).

Happy birthday, dear one.


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