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We’re working on getting our church web site up and running. Yikes! I didn’t realize how much work that could actually be. It takes design talent, layout abilities, coming up with content, images, pictures, possibly even a logo for our church; all so we can have a decent looking site on the internet.
In some ways, it’s a bit similar to blogging (not the design work, etc., but the effort to put something down in print or cyber-print that people will see). Starting up this blog was terribly intimidating for me personally. I mean, if I write something down and put it out there for “the world” to see, they might take exception or disagree or be offended or not like me (I’m way too much like Sally Fields… “You like me. You really, really like me.”). It’s a big step; a huge commitment. Oh sure, I have thoughts and opinions, but does anyone really want to read them? Does anyone really care? Does anyone really know what time it is? (let’s see how many get this trivial reference thrown in just for good measure.)
It’s the same with a web site for our church: will anyone visit it? (I’m almost reluctant to have us put up a counter.) Will anyone read it? Will anyone care? And yet, that is indeed our hope and reason for getting one up in working order: the belief that someone will stop in, someone will read what’s there, and someone will care enough to inquire more or actually visit us some Sunday morning, worship with us or, praise the Lord, come to faith in Christ through the preaching of His Word.
One of the concerns about both a blog site and our church’s web site is will the content be substantive. If a blog site just talks about a person’s daily routine: “Here’s what I did today”; well, I don’t much care really, at least not enought to take any more of my valuable time to read that you got up, ate eggs & spam for breakfast, had a lousy day at the office, came home and watched “24” then went to bed. However, if you make something of what you did, then that’s better. Making observations, especially biblical, relevant observations about certains events in your life that day will draw me a bit more.
Some examples of blogs like this:
1. Doug McHone’s CoffeeSwirls http://www.coffeeswirls.com/. Doug writes about some of the daily events in his life, but usually ties in how God’s working through these kind of things to teach him,shape him, bring glory to Himself through his life. But when I’m really drawn into CoffeeSwirls is when there are the meaty entries of church life, preaching/teaching, discussion of doctrine or Scripture, etc. So, Doug, if you ever read this… keep up the excellent work.

2. Tiffany Roberson’s blog at http://tymelia.blogdrive.com/ . I made the mistake of telling Tiffany I didn’t care what people did during their days and especially didn’t want to read about it on their blog site. But then I went to Tiffany’s blog and read it and needed to confess, repent and ask her forgiveness. She does a really good job of writing about “every day” happenings, but reflects upon them also. Plus, Tiffany is one of my parishoners, so it’s always cool seeing someone you know personally on the web.

3. Phil Johnson (http://phillipjohnson.blogspot.com/) would have to be another exception to this. Most often, Phil is writing on meaty, weighty, doctrinal, biblical stuff (cessationism and whether he’s ever declared what position he takes!! Come on, Phil, take a stand! [just kidding]). But even when he gives bits and pieces of his trips and the people he meets, I read most of it, because he’s bound to connect it to something he’s written earlier. Seldom is it just daily drivel for daily drivel’s sake.
Well, I hope you get the point. I want Cornerstone EFC’s site to grow into a site that is informative, substantive, ehlpful and challenging. And ultimately, I want to be able to steal Bach’s signature line and apply it to our site: Soli Deo Gloria.


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