Wednesday, January 18

I’ve just begun using vijournal (v. 1.5) for my blogging. It should prove a real time saver: it acts just like a journal/diary on my Macs, can auto-set the HTML code for those like me who don’t know/don’t care to know HTML, and it will upload directly to Blogger and LiveJournal sites. How easy is that!

Today, I head off the the EFCA’s Mid-Winter Ministerial gathering in Apple Valley, MN. Big doings for three days… all about a proposed revision to the EFCA’s Statement of Faith (our 12-point doctrinal statement). Not sure what the process for all this will be, but I’m sure it will take at least another two years before any significant proposals are approved as a denomination. The discussion/explanation times should prove quite helpful.

I’ve read the draft proposal. At first glance, I was concerned about the need to “upgrade” our SoF (Statement of Faith). However, once I read through the explanations for each point, I thought that much was indeed fitting to the purpose of the Spiritual Heritage Committee’s task: to revise, refresh and strengthen our existing SoF. I won’t include any of that here in this blog… for the present. Uncertainty regarding propriety of revealing too much before its time prevents me. Perhaps I’ll learn what might be proper at the meetings this week.

Until then, keep on blogging!


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