On the Road Again!

I’m basically a home-body; I don’t mind traveling a bit, but for the most part, I could just stay home and be content.

Last week, at this time, I had just come off three days at the EFCA Mid-Winter Ministerial (Wed – Fri.). Then on Monday, I turned around and headed back to the Twin Cities for our district’s Council on Ministerial Standing meeting. This coming Monday, I leave again for three days.

I’ll be attending (for the 14th years in a row) the Bethlehem Conference for Pastors. This year’s theme is: How Must a Pastor Die? The Price of Caring Like Jesus. Looking forward to it would be a bit of an understatement; having gone so many years in a row, this is obviously an important gathering for me personally. It’s the one conference I’ll do just about anything short of selling my kids to get there (although there have been days… just kidding, Jonathan!). And it’s the one conference I attend each year where if I were unable to attend any others, I know I would be ministered to and fed spiritually enough to sustain me for the year.

However, this theme “frightens” me just a bit. I have convinced myself that I seek to care like Jesus. Yet asking if I would be willing to die, to lay my life on the line for what and for whom I believe pushes that envelope further… a lot further. So, I’m going, and I’m going with the prayer that God would do a work in my life to bring me to that point. Whether He ever asks me to give my life for His sake, I don’t know. But my willingness to follow Christ, taking up His cross (the truest sign of death there is for a Christian) and serving Him for the rest of the days He allots me is my heart’s desire and my heart’s prayer. I’ll try doing some blog updates from there, if there’s wireless access close enough and I’m not spending the in-between times visiting with other pastors I only see at this conference.

May God be glorified in all we do for Him.


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