Some quick thoughts on the EFCA’s proposed revision to our Statement of Faith

For the handful of you who ever think about landing here to wandering around in my mind, I want to direct you to some thoughts divergent from the stream of the Bethlehem Conference for Pastors, just for a moment.

When last I blogged (previous to this conference) I was making some observations about the Evangelical Free Church of America’s proposal to revise our Statement of Faith. I think to many within the EFCA, this was a bad move. It must have appeared that the EFCA was now going liberal, throwing out all that was sacred and good, dashing it upon the shoals of contemporary relevancy.

I beg to differ, however. While there are minor aspects of the draft revision proposal I hope to see improved, overall I am pleased with what the Spiritual Heritage Committee has put forth. In my humble opinion, the new statement keeps what was good about the original and shores that up with a bit more detail, such as the atoning work of Christ (old Statement #6; proposal #4 & 5).

Phil Johnson, formally the “Lone Pyromaniac” now more recently of the group Pryomaniacs, provides a marvelous glimpse from C.H. spurgeon once again. Monday’s entry addresses what is probably of concern to some brethren within the EFCA. I think, however, that if they’d think wisely about the proposal, they’ll find it more in line with Spurgeon’s convictions of keeping everyone & everything we hold dear in the wagon, letting nothing fall to the wolves nipping at our heels. I trust this revision will keep us from falling prey to whatever “Downgrade” is current.


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