A little about a lot of things…

Well, okay, this may turn out to only be a few things, but after the “mega-blogging” of last week, it was nice to hold to my commitment of earlier in the year: 2-3 entries a week. I’d like not to become consumed by this blog. I’ve watched a few others, far more prolific than I ever hope to be, need to scale back dramatically, then moderation is the key. So here goes:

Phil Johnson talked about John MacArthur’s arrest record from some years back. This was such a clear reminder of things heard at last week’s Bethlehem Conference for Pastors: How a Pastor Must Die – The Price of Caring Like Christ. “Now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake, and in my flesh I am filling up what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions for the sake of his body, that is, the church,”
(Col. 1.24, ESV)

My sister is facing a bit of trouble where she works. Seems her supervisor wants the women to wear Mardi Gras beads during the Mardi Gras season. The work place is a restaurant, so seasonal themes are probably a big deal (menus, food items, apparel). Her convictions have led her (and two other female employees) to protest this. The beads represent an activity quite reprehensible, degrading to women and the idea of Mardi Gras is quite sad for one who has been saved by grace. Why celebrate decadence, works of the law and the flesh, flaunt the grace of God and abuse it? I pray she suffers no ill effects from this stand; so far she’s standing strong and others support her.

More curmudgeon sitings in my life: Valentine’s Day is coming up. The vast conspiracy by those evil minions of Hallmark put such a bast amount of stress upon men that’s it’s nearly impossible to do it “right”. And I think their almost single-handedly responsible for the high volume of marriage counselors! The conflicts that face me for about two weeks prior are a major distraction. Don’t get me wrong; I love my wife tremendously and she loves me. Just this morning (at 5.57 am) she sat on my lap for a cuddle session before the day began, the children were awake and the cat started being naughty (com’on; he’s a cat, it’s just his nature as a personification – or is that animal-ification – of evil). And I appreciate C.J. Mahaney & his ministry, as well as that of his wife (and daughters/daughters-in-law), but I have yet to find any of their ideas helpful for “pulling off” the truly romantic Valentine’s Day Special. It’s hopeless and I probably am as well!

On the third Sunday evening of each month we have a Qu.A.K.E. at Cornerstone (Questions & Answers with Kevin & the Elders – okay, please hold off on all the comments regarding the corny acronym). Next Sunday we’ll be answering some questions that have come in regarding predestination (stirred up by comments in a recent sermon), the fear of God (do we as Christians need to be concerned about fearing God in the same way OT saints/prophets seemed to) and perhaps a few others as they come in. Any insights on either of these two? No seminary lectures here, just about 25-30 minutes on the two topics.

Derek, at reformation21, has a good thought/question on harmonization. I thought he was going to deal with worship, singing from words projected on a wall screen and how we’re raising a generation who will never know the beauty of singing 2-, 3- or even 4-part harmony during a worship service. Come to find out, he’s talking gospel harmonization with the account in Mark 14 & an ear getting cut off. Hey, Derek, wouldn’t the loss of an ear make it harder to harmonize?

Well, turns out to be more than I thought or planned (I don’t plan these entries very often; after all, it is the random wanderings through my mind).


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