Sunny days on Mondays really get me…

… up for the day! When you live in Minnesota, you really need to learn to just live with the weather. Knock off all the complainin’ about the weather. It makes no difference. It’s Minnesota. It’s February. It’s going to be cold (most of the time). We’re quite likely to have snow (“Oh, I thought winter was over” comment overheard at a gas station on Feb. 3 while it was trying hard to snow, but couldn’t even generate an inch of the white fluffy stuff). And when the sun does shine, bask in it; not outside on your lawn chair (that’s under snow!), but sit in your favorite chair right in front of a south window and let the warmth put you to sleep. Ah-h-h-h!

Now that I’m up from my morning nap, sitting in the sun, let’s get on with some Monday Morning ramblin’s:

Marc at purgatorio got me laughing so hard I had to set my coffee down for fear of spilling or shooting it out my nose! How up-to-the-minute is this conneciton with the weekend doin’s done in Texas with our VP? Great job, Marc. And by the way, Marc, it’s never fair to put a picture of Benny Hinn up next to anyone with a receding hairline. That’s actually why I’ve never become a tele-evangelist. Not a matter of calling, but of hair. Besides, who could afford the hair-spray bills. Yikes!

I’ve greatly appreciated Dan Philips post on TeamPyro about the Proverbs. Cornerstone is currently using a DesiringGod Curriculum study – The Way of the Wise: a Study on Wisdom and Foolishness. His posts on how to interpret Proverbs is proving quite helpful for me, as the teacher of our Adult Bible Class.

For those of you who have commented on some of the appearance difficulties at Random Thoughts, I did some checking this morning to see what might be the problem and what, if anything, can be done to rectify this situation. I used several browsers first off because just about everyone who spoke with me is using a different browser. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer brings up my site, but with a much different font than posted and much smaller than what I posted. What can I say: it’s a Microsoft product (yeah, I know, spoken like a true Mac-Addict diehard; no apologies offered!).

Then I tried Netscape and it’s opensource sister, Mozilla. Netscape brought up the site, but also used a much different font and size. It was also, as usual for Netscape, amazingly slow! Mozilla brought up the most recent posts images, but you couldn’t see text.. I selected all of what should have been on the post for last Saturday, copied & pasted into MS Word and what should I see, but all the text! I tried to edit the post’s HTML, changing font color & size to see how this would work. Absolutely nothing! It wouldn’t allow the site to view the text (and yes, i hit refresh several times during this process to clear the cache). So, again, my recommendation: use Netscape if you must and if you have a really fast connection (dial-up with this is murder).

Firefox, another open-source browser that I kinda like on my Mac at times brought up the site okay, and when I went to log-in to and edit the post it allowed that also. Is there a version of this for Windoze machines? Might be; if so, get it. Anything is better than a M$ product.

Camino, a Mac-based browser wouldn’t allow the text to be seen either, just like Mozilla (surprise, since I think there’s some of the Mozilla code in Camino). Blogger’s help site talked about some of the various browser’s abilities and compatibility with Blogger.

Finally, Safari, which is the standard Apple browser brought up the site in quite timely fashion, images & text could be seen, but when I go to edit any portion of a post, much of the Edit Posts page is missing buttons & links (especially for HTML editing).

All this is to say: I’m working on it, everyone. Please be patient with me. I want this site to be fun for me and helpful/edifying for you who come here to check it out.


3 Responses

  1. Hmm, I use Firefox and Windows XP and it looks fine.

  2. Thanks for the input, Doug. I’ve just had some at the church tell me they either can’t see the text or that it’s so small it just looks like underlining. I think it has more to do with their browsers than my postings.

  3. I also primarily use Firefox on Windows XP, and it looks fine now, but when I looked at it over the weekend, none of the text was being displayed.

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