Universalism… Yikes!

More on the Universalists

After just a bit of checking some of the sites mentioned in today’s earlier post, I’m finding a bit more of what I expected.

The often frustrating part about stereotypes is that most people fit into the stereotypes they’re trying to avoid. Such has been the case so far in my findings at www.tentmaker.org, one of the sites given to me so I could become convinced of the “clear teaching of a literal Bible that hell doesn’t exist and that all will be saved.” One of the testimonies provided is quite sad; it’s heart-breaking in many ways. One of the ways it pulled at my heart was not because of “Kevin’s” (I know, ironic isn’t it?) life of sin and explorations with Christianity, but because there didn’t seem to be a stable church presence in any of his testimony. From the UCC (which, despite his portrait of being hated by conservative evangelicals for their stance on gay marriage, has far more problems at the root of their apostasy than just gay marriage) to Pat Robertson’s 700 Club and more.

But the testimony does nothing to substantiate the truth of universalism. It’s existentialist clap-trap based upon one man’s experience, rather than upon any exegesis of Scripture. But when you toss Scripture out the window, what are you left to base any rational, Christian thought upon, other than your own experience. And as I said earlier, if you’re going to judge yourself by yourself, then you’ll come off looking pretty good and hope for the best for all others as well.

I’ll keep digging a bit more and seek to provide exegetical arguments for why hell does indeed exist (and no, it’s not at the bottom of some earthly chasm in the heart of Russia), why not all will be saved, why there will be many cast into hell to suffer eternal conscious punishment.


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