Vacation… ah-h-h-h, sweet restful times

Rest. We need it. God made us to have it and need it. He even set the example for us. It brings glory to God when we rest because we faithfully acknowledge that He is God and we are not; He never slumbers or sleeps, we do and need to.

Vacations for pastors are a great form of rest… if they don’t spend their entire time running around the countryside, trying to placate culturally mandated expectations in our own family members and/or church members. This is not to say that a pastor & family cannot travel or should not travel. It’s just my conviction that one of the week’s of vacation ought not to involve such intensive travels that you return home more exhausted than when you left (“But it’s a good form of tired” Wrong – it’s called road-weary and it’s just not good in the long run).

This week is my 25th wedding aniversary to Ann. Our youngest daughter is at Bible camp, our oldest came home to hang out with our middle son. Ann & I traveled… just a little ways to Park Rapids, MN. We didn’t do much. We didn’t go canoing or tubing on the river. We didn’t go rock climbing (not sure where you’d go in that neck fo the woods) or para-sailing. We rode bikes for a bit over 10 miles one day. We took a scenic cruise on Lake Itasca one afternoon. We shopped in Dorset and in other shops north of Park Rapids. And we rested a lot. Ann and I love a good nap. Few things beat a good nap when you’re tired, have a headache, irritable with the world or just need some peace & quiet.

That’s it. Well, on the way home, we stopped in Plymouth MN. One of the people we clean house for gave us tickets to see “The Church Basement Ladies.” We’re going to see that tonight and share some good, restful laughter.

Just to get in some time with the whole family before college, school and football starts in mid-August, we’ll travel to Des Moines, IA. It’s only about a three-hour drive. While there, we’ll take in the Living History Farms. I have a cousin who works there (knowing Leo, probably in the 1850s pioneer house or something), there will be an Old Time Baseball game and lots of other great things to see.

I’m also taking next week off. We’re not traveling anywhere that week. But I have lots of small projects to do around the house, both indoors and out. So I’ll do these, do some fun things with my kids, maybe take in a Rochester Honkers baseball game or go up to Minneapolis and see a Twins game.

There are some who think, “That’s a vacation?” Others think, “Here, let me give you some great ideas on where to go and what to do?” or others still, “I could keep you busy for the whole week.” Great. I’m sure you could. But I don’t want that kind of busy-ness the whole week. Vacation is one of those few times in my life as a pastor where I get to do what I want to do… well, mostly (after the family pow-wows and ideas and voting on locations). And it’s way more restful for the Sorensen family when we get to “take it easy” and not run raggedly all over the creation.

So, until next week, or maybe even a bit later, you take a good nap too.

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  1. If it works into your schedule, give me a jingle! I happen to be familiar with the Des Moines area, you know…–>

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