Good thing there was a holiday in there somewhere!

Labor Day. Good name, ‘cuz that’s what mine held for me. Labor at home and at my study. I don’t usually “work” on a holiday in which we’re to rest from our labors in order to “celebrate the laborer”, however, my schedule this week necessitated this.

I don’t like weeks with schedules that seem almost out of my control. It’s not because I’m a control freak; it’s because I’d rather follow my convictions on a more simplified lifestyle. Busy schedules do nothing toward this, but they happen. And when they do, my sinful tendencies toward procrastination rise up all the more.

With this confession laid out before you, I’ll need to postpone my next entry on pride for a couple more days. At least I have my next Cornerstone Meditations on Prayer completed and set to upload on Wednesday. Thanks to those of you who have been such an encouragement through your comments having read these posts.

May God give us strength to face all that lies before us, patience to do what He gives us and the love of Christ to oversee all tendencies toward impatience!

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