Those Girls Are At It Again!

If I had actually heard these words spoken out loud, I might have thought back to years ago when my sister would have friends over to play. They get into something, get themselves in trouble and these would be some of the words either Mom or Dad would utter.

But this has nothing to do with aging sentimentality. It has to do with the glorious encouragement of testimonies to God’s goodness and grace that the girls over at girltalk have been posting. They asked contributors to “tell us about a circumstance in your life where you now see God was working ‘behing the scenes’ for good.” So far the contributions have been remarkably edifying and I trust, glorifying to God. I highly recommend you check them out and praise the Lord with these “girls.”

More On the Purpose-Driven Life Choking the Life Out of Churches and Christians

My parents visited us this past Labor Day weekend. We had many things to talk about: they may be moving here sometime in the foreseeable future. However, the topic of church and Warrenism and Purpose-Driven apostasy came up several times as well. Any of you (all what, three of you) who read my blog may recall that Mom and Dad have been a part of **** Free Church in *****, Iowa for 30 years. Prior to that, they spent nearly 25 years in the EFC in ******, Iowa. During the past two years, a growing chasm has been produced between my father and the pastor of said church. It wasn’t all a matter of things “purposeful” but that was a portion of the concerns expressed: messages on Sunday mornings having very little Scriptural content (and trust me, my dad knows Scripture); leadership moving in strange, business-like-only fashion, and the pastor becoming more and more the sole source of authority and decision-making.

Well, change my Dad’s name to Charles JonesCharles Jones. Essentially, Mom and Dad have been “forced out” by the pastor and a few of the deacons (1 or 2 of the present deacons are soon to resign positions or also leave the church… it would be inevitable – they’re “dissenters”). There is to be a congregational meeting soon at ***** of *****, IA and one of the agenda items will be the removal of my parents’ names from membership. My prayer has been, at the very least, that there would be some astute and wise person(s) there who might actually ask why members of 30 years, chairman of the church & deacon and deaconness are having their names removed from membership. Oh how I’d love to be a church mouse in the corner to hear the answer.

My heart aches for Mom and Dad. It is grieved by the church’s action (actually, lack of inaction on the part of others within the church) and angered (I’m still working out if this is righteous anger or prideful anger) at the demeaning (my isn’t that word close to demonic) and cowardly and unbiblica actions of the pastor and a few deacons. ***** EFC of *****, IA will be doing the 40 days of community this fall. (I believe they’ve done the 40 days of purpose at least twice, if not three times in the last 2 1/2 years.) If the Lord disciplines this congregation, pastor and leadership, there won’t be much community left for them to celebrate. May God have mercy upon them.

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  1. Will be praying for your parents. It sounds like it would be a blessing to have them move closer to you.

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