Quick Post on Pride vs. Humility

I’m barely keeping my nose above water, as they say. However, I came across this today and wanted to submit it in my thoughts about pride. I’m not sure why pride came to mind, but humility never once crossed my thoughts (or my vision as I watched the presentation). Nice to see a church that has managed to keep the world out of itself and its design.


That was the sound of me removing my tongue from my cheek.

I’ll also try the link to this video. Its making lots of waves on the ‘net. And many of the stirrers of the water are non-Christians who are not happy about the offense of the gospel.

I do advise some caution in clicking on the link which will take you to YouTube. Not all the videos there are “safe” to watch. In fact, when you click on this link, chances are high that others (non-believers) will have some really bad reactionary stuff right there alongside it, hoping to discourage, intimidate and otherwise malign the gospel. Ignore that and you’ll be okay.


One Response

  1. Can you say “mega mega church”?
    The video link does not work.


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