Some Random Shufflings Through My Mind

leavesI love fall. It’s probalby my favorite season (I couldn’t live where there weren’t all four seasons). I love the cool weather, the change of colors, the smell of the air: leaves, smoke from burning leaves; and the fact that I’ll be done mowing for at least six months!leaves

This past week, we had a couple of days where the temps got into the 80s. That’s too hot for Fall. I’m convinced it’s all mental, though. If it were July or August, we’d think: what a great day. It’s only 80º. But put us in October where it’s supposed to be 65º and give us a two days in the 80s and we’re all complaining about how hot it is and how we can barely stand it!

I blame the weather men. Yes, the weather men. It’s all their fault. First they came up with the WIND CHILL FACTOR: a mysterious formula devised by meterologists with too much time on their hands in the days before DOPPLER weathermanRADAR to make us imagine that it’s actually much, much colder than it really is. Well, okay, maybe it wasn’t totally the weatherman’s fault. Madison Avenue had a hand in it too: they just had to have reasons to market more winter clothing than we were buying.

But that wasn’t enough; no, they had to come up with the HEAT INDEX. This works much like the WIND CHILL FACTOR. You know it’s hot outside. You know it’s muggy (your shirt sticks to your skin, the sweat never dries off your forehead, and your glasses fog up when you come out of an air-conditioned house). But somehow, the powers that be in the METEROLOGY DEPARTMENT couldn’t just let us be miserable with the real temperature; no, they had to (during their spare time since the new DOPPLER RADAR was doing all the work for them) go messing with our minds and make us even more miserable than we were before.weatherman

So, a few days ago, it was all the weatherman’s fault that it was in the 80s for two days. Now, before any of you come at me with cries of “Wait, Kevin. You know God’s sovereign over all things, including the weather, so don’t take that away from Him.” just hear me out. Who takes the credit, at least on the 10 o’clock news, when the day is perfect, the skies are clear, the sun shines, it rains during the night so we can enjoy such perfect days? The weatherman. And the news anchor smiley people tell him so. And who finds lots of excuses (the DOPPLER RADAR is down; our COMPUTER MODELS were based on inadequate data for these precise conditions) when they’re wrong? The weatherman. He almost thinks he controls the weather. So, I blame him. (sorry if you’re chief meterologist is a female; I’m just an old curmudgeon who still talks in the masculine.)

Further randomness: My mom and dad were able to attend the Desiring God Ministries National Conference last weekend with me. I’ve blogged about the Purpose-Driven Disaster that’s occuring at their church (they’re now going through 40 Days of Community and the dark clouds of church split are looming ever larger on the horizon). At the conclusion of the weekend, as they parted, they made this comment: “I think we’ve been fed enough to last us for a few Sundays of dryness back home.” How my heart was thrilled to know they had been fed well at the conference; and how my heart grieves for them, knowing they have to go home to hear more of the downloaded Warren sermon of the day. It was good reading Challies‘ reflections along these same lines.

And final randomness: I came home with several good quotes from the conference:

David Wells: Jesus Christ is not great. Alexander may have been great. Herod may have been great (in his own eyes). Some may even consider Churchill a great man. But Jesus Christ is not great; He’s incomparable!

Voddie Baucham: (on a preacher doing his task) Pray that I’ll stand up, speak up and then shut up! (this will be my pray this Sunday.)

Voddie Baucham: (on the materialistic fervor of our day, based upon secular humanistic beliefs) We buy all we can, can all we buy and then just sit on the can!

Mark Driscoll: When Jesus returns, He’ll be wearing white and coming with a sword. When and where I grew up, I did a lot of alley fighting and when a guy shows up wearing white, you know he’s not planning on getting dirty.

Make sure you check out the Conference audio. You’ll thank the Lord you did.


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  1. LOL This one had me rolling with laughter. At least there’s snow on the horizon, so it should balance out the ‘average temperature’ they are always talking about but we never actually reach.

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