Blogging… Take 2

Well, I’m back. After a hiatus of over 5 months, I’ve decided to re-enter the blog-o-sphere again. I trust that it will make such a splash as to cause tidal waves all over the internet. My hopes are to create such a stir that even Tim Challies trembles a bit. My dreams for this blog are…

… okay, stop right there. I really don’t expect this blog to create any such kind of stir. However, I have been exhorted to blog-up again, allow it to hone my writing skills (don’t you need skills first in order to hone them? Oh well). And when I announced last October that I was taking a break, there was such an overwhelming outcry against it (okay, already; all of 5 people let me know how disappointed they were, and four of those, it was their very first post); well, I just knew I’d be back.

I’ve been working out some thoughts (again, they’ll be random), some outlines (what, me organized?) and some themes. A pastor I’m acquainted with has laid down a gauntlet of sorts. He knows I’m very Calvinistic in my doctrines. He is very Arminian. There’s some static right there. His big question is how I can hold my theological views and still talk about God being a loving God, so I thought this might be a venue for some discussion on that (I could simply end it all right here by saying: 1 John 4.7-19; if you can read that passage for all it’s worth and still be Arminian, then I probably have very little to say that will convince you or anyone else, but I’ll try).

I may continue attempting to write up my Prayer Time meditations for our Wednesday evening prayer group. These have centered on holiness of late. I find myself borrowing a great deal from J.C. Ryle, R.C. Sproul, and Jerry Bridges (I wonder if his middle initial is C). On occasion, I’ll fill in other spaces with family anecdotes (my oldest daughter is close to becoming engaged; they were “ring” shopping this weekend), some thoughts on worship (front burner issue for me right now: participatory worship & presentation worship – where’s a good balance? or should there even be a balance?), and you’ll most likely see a few humorous attempts here and there.

All in all, I think it’s good to be back. I hope more people will stop by. I hope those who do will do a couple of things, at least: 1) post a comment, say hello, let me know you’re actually reading this; and 2) tell someone else you know to stop by for just a quick read. They don’t have to continue, but it would be nice to know other’s thoughts and get some input from them. So, come on in, take your shoes off, take a seat on the front porch and let’s chat for a bit. Good to see you again.


3 Responses

  1. yeah! the hiatus is over! 🙂 Welcome Back!

  2. Hello! What I would like to know is how come if you are the pastor you don’t ORDER the people in your church to read and comment on your blog?? (It MIGHT work–LOL !)
    All kidding aside, you might consider the idea that Jesus did some of His teaching one on one. You never know if the one or two people who read or comment aren’t the reason you are HERE for that moment. All of us who write blogs have an inner desire to have hundreds of people reading our blogs, commenting, telling their friends, etc. We want to see a larger vision for a humble beginning. But maybe we should consider that sometimes—a laugh, a word of wisdom, a tiny snippet from a cluttered mind–will drop a turning point or a ray of hope into someone’s life. Maybe instead of always hoping for notice by the masses, we should focus on whether or not we are an ‘angel unaware’ in the one or two who stumble across our spaces on the web. Just a thought…. Have a Blessed Easter.

  3. Thanks for the ideas, Donna. I wish you could ORDER people in a congregation to do more than just check out a blog!

    The notion of this site being used by just a few and being helpful to just those few is, in part, why I came back to this. I don’t think I’ll ever become a famous blogger (at least, that’s not my goal anyway). I do hope it will prove helpful, beneficial and encouraging to someone.

    May God bless you this Easter weekend as well.

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