The Easter Curmudgeon

Yes, the curmudgeon in me is back again. And this time, it’s Easter.

I’m really wondering what this: easter-bunny01.jpg

and this:easter-egg-hunt03.jpg

have to do with Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday?

I know, all kinds of people will tell me about the symbolism of the egg for Easter. I still don’t get it. If an egg represents new life, then use baby pictures for new life and new birth. But candy eggs and colored eggs and hunts for them by little children who are about to get on one of the highest sugar-highs of their lives (with, of course, the exception of that other “religious” holiday, Halloween) has nothing to do with Easter. I know, I know, many churches will host Easter egg hunts and call them outreaches. Two local church-goers in Rochester wrote an editorial to our local newspaper trying to argue for the value of these kinds of things because “history is filled with the use of these symbols for Christ’s resurrection.” Really? History is filled with them? That must have been the day I fell asleep during Dr. Woodbridge’s Church History lecture.

And, as far as the bunny goes, this is where I really get lost. There is absolutely no connection between this creature (unless it might be this one big-bunny.jpg)

and the resurrected Christ.

So, I’m doing away with it! That’s it. Let the foolish stop all this foolishness! easter-cancelled.jpg

What Easter BunnyNope! No more; I’ve taken care of it.

Let’s celebrate Maundy Thursday in a better manner: a somber service that ends in near darkness and silence.

Let’s remember Good Friday with either a similar time of quietude or with some humble rejoicing in the truth that Christ has died and achieved the victory over sin and death.

And then, forget all about the church egg hunt with an over-sized rabbit with a moth-balled costume. Gather together and rejoice for our Lord is risen. He is risen! Hallelujah! He is risen indeed!


One Response

  1. You slept in Woodbridge’s class?! I didn’t think that was possible. πŸ™‚ Taking it with him right now.

    Other than that major transgression, I agree. πŸ™‚

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