Sorry gang, it’s been a busy week

Now there’s a likely excuse if I ever heard one, and believe me, I hear it often…

…coming out of my own mouth!Duct Over Mouth

Like, take the last seven days, for instance: an elderly woman spends weeks in hospice, the last 12 of which were classified as “Last Days Watch”. This meant frequent trips to Seasons Hospice, to visit her, pray and sing hymns with the family members and talk Seasons Hospice logoover a funeral service. I enjoy this, but it is time-consuming and tiring. God’s grace was shown went He called her home. The service was last Saturday, a stirring tribute to the legacy of a godly grandmother retold by her grandchildren. I almost felt like I didn’t need to preach the message I’d prepared

Then there was the usual Sunday fare: Bible class in the morning, cefc11.jpgfollowed by the worship service. Sadly, because I really dislike doing stuff like this on the Lord’s Day (and it interrupts my nap!), we had to meet with our TAX MAN to finalize all that fun stuff (I tried to catch the coin in the fish’s mouth, but to no avail; where’s Benny Hinn when you need him). Within an hour of that, I needed to head north to the Twin Cities for the beginning of our North Central District of the EFCA’s conference.

This was a good conference, by the way. Gary Friesen, with Peacemakers, gave a shortened edition of their basic introductory workshop on creating a culture of peace within your church and home. Good review for me. Now, to see how David (one of our deacons) and I can help implement this into the life of Cornerstone.

road runnerOnce back from the conference, Wednesday was “Hit the Road Running” day. Thursday, today, will seem a bit off track since our Dodge Caravan needs some major engine work done (we’ll have choics to make here: do we, 1) get it fixed and have Rebecca withdraw from college; 2) get it fixed and cancel our trip to Phoenix to see my brother & family this summer [haven’t been there since they moved over 10 years ago]; 3) get it fixed and start selling off my personal library [trust me, that would never get us enough];  or, 4) see if we can let it limp along ’til it finally passes to that great auto recycling center in the… sky? ocean? more likely, dump!

I’m trying to stay on top of all the regular things, which sadly, for the thousands of you who read thiscoffee blog (okay, I confess: the 3 or 4 of you who read this blog), means you’ll have to until next week to read more on “How I Came to the Doctrines of Grace.” It’s also our oldest daughter, Rebecca’s 21st birthday this Friday: which really begs the question…cake

“How did I get old enough to have a 21-year-old?” Yikes!

So, with all apologies offered, and all patience begged, I hope you’ll come back next week. I’ll try to start off with the tricky bit of God’s Love and God’s Sovereignty. Until then,


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