I’ve been tagged

tag, you're itI don’t think I’ve ever been tagged before and I’m not really quite sure how it works, but Erica’s tagged me. Now I have to think of eight random things about myself as well as eight people who wouldn’t mind being tagged by me!!

Here are the eight random things about myself:

1. I once fell out of a moving pick-up truck when I was 15-years old (the truck was going about 50 miles/hour)

black licorice2. I dislike licorice and coconut with a passion.


3. I really dislike cats and really love dogs… so what kind of pet do you think we have in our house?

4. Science fiction/fantasy is my favorite “no-brainer” kind of reading (you know, the stuff you read when you’re about to fall asleep at night that doesn’t matter if you don’t remember it the next morning)

5. Spiderman 3 provides enough food-for-thought for a discussion with a non-Christian about the power of temptation, the allurement of sin, the drama of redemption, repentance, forgiveness and restoration, in spite of what many critics are saying about the movie (it’s got too much in it for the story line to hold)

6. I go to movies (about 2x/year in the theater; otherwise, it’s wait ’til it comes out on video… much cheaper)

Jonathan's baptism7. I’ve baptized my two nieces (sister’s girls), my wife, my three children, and both my parents: God is good! (Hey, Erica, I’ve also done one of your children too!).

8. I’m a Mac genius (well, not really, but I just replaced the backlight inverter for our 17″ LCD flat panel display on the iMac G4 half-melon at home and it actually works!! I’ve also managed to replace the fans in my other G4 Mac in my office and all the RAM in all my other Macs – currently standing at 5 operational Mac computers)

Well, that’s eight random things about me. Now who to bug… I mean, tag:

There’s Tim

There’s Lisa

There’s Rebecca

There’s Doug

There’s my brother, Eric

Perhaps my daughter, Rebecca

Yikes, two more?!?

How ’bout Bill, can you lend a brother a hand?

And finally, maybe David can help me out of this mess!

Well, Erica. I’ve done it. You’ve tested me to the limit of who might even read this blog. That was humbling!



8 Responses

  1. woohoo! And it didn’t hurt a bit! Does Rebecca (daughter) have a blog yet?

    And here’s praying you’ll have a chance to ‘dunk’ the other kid!

  2. I did this meme HERE. It was fun.

    🙂 Lisa

  3. Thanks, Erica. Thanks, Lisa. No… it didn’t hurt too bad; only the part about thinking who might even read this blog.

    Rebecca does not have a blog, but I should check if she’d like to do something about her student teaching experience this fall. I’m sure she’d have lots of good fodder.

  4. […] be quite as random as Kevin, but will ponder each entry after reading his. You can check out his meme post to enjoy the context […]

  5. Okay, I’ve done mine!

  6. The term “Mac genius” is an oxymoron. Why have a Mac if you are a genius!!


  7. Ouch!

    Oh well. I’m sure I had that coming.

    But speaking of oxymorons: try this one – Windows Security

  8. Windows Security is better known as McAfee or Norton….

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