Since you asked…

… a few of you (one I could name specifically but shall remain unnamed at this time) have asked for a bit more on our family’s vacation. So, I’ll indulge those few with just a couple of shots now and then.

We had a really wonderful trip: nearly 4,200 miles of blessed safety and absence of mishap with the van; nearly 4,200 miles of freedom from complaint from any of the Sorensen travellers about the length of days and number of miles driven each day; 13 days of restful time with family, seeing massive amounts of God’s creation west of the Mississippi River and simply getting away from cares & concerns back home.

So, here are few shots from Day #2, June 26:

Devils Tower

Devils Tower

DaKidz@Devils Tower

My Kids @ Devils Tower

Big Horn Mountains

Big Horn Mountains

Big Horn Mountains

Big Horn Mountains

Maybe some fro Day #3 @ Yellowstone another day soon.Tags: , ,


2 Responses

  1. Did you see any UFOs at Devil’s Tower!?! 😉 What do you see when you look at a pile of mashed potatoes? 😛

    Looks like an awesome trip. Got your batteries recharged, I hope!

  2. I can’t believe how tall Jonathan is getting. For some reason, the picture of Devil’s Tower is stuck behind the one of the kidlets on my laptop. Are you and Ann in any of these pictures?????

    Welcome back. You all were missed. A LOT.

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