Let’s Give It Another Go


"Rabbi Schlomo" Sorensen

"Rabbi Schlomo" Sorensen

I see I haven’t made a post here since 2007. I’m going to do a bit of experimenting with WordPress for a while and see if it helps me save a bit of $ and time from managing my own domain and site. If there are those out there who happen to stumble across this blog and know how to link my own domain name (www.aclutteredmind.org) to this WordPress blog so I don’t have this silly awkward name (niveknes.wordpress.com), please feel free to lend advice that I can understand.


Once I’m ready to really start cranking out daily posts, I’ll advertise that to all.


3 Responses

  1. You could go to your domain registrar and ask them to point your main domain name to the WP.org address as one alternative. WP.org will also allow you to set that up through them.

  2. Hey, welcome back to blogging! This will be a great place to post Israel Pictures!

  3. Thanks. Actually, I’ll be doing all my posting over at . Once I figure out how to re-direct this wordpress blog to that one, that will be my exclusive blog site. By the way, thanks for making me #1!! Now, let the lessons in humility begin. Hope you MIL is doing well and settling in back at home.

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