Let the Randomness Roll On

I’ve become far too predictable of late. All these book reviews, interviews and what-not. Great stuff, but this is the view from inside my head, after all. And the blog is called: Random Thoughts From a Cluttered Mind. I think the absence of randomness and clutter of late has been because I’ve been reading Matt Perman’s blog. This caused me to re-organize my study: moved my computer desk, lost over 350 books from my library (they were piling up big time, laying sideways on top of others, bowing the shelving underneath them), purchased a new multi-function printer (Canon MX860) that has a 35-page duplex auto-document feed scanner with which I’ve been gradually getting rid of lots of piles of paper (which means I’m seriously in need of a new shredder), and even trying some of this out at home (that’s easy for now… Ann’s in Iowa helping her mother recuperate from double-bypass surgery, but she’ll be home Thursday and the clutter will begin again).
So, just to alleviate any fears the vast majority of you readers were building up within your faint hearts about my general lack of clutter and random strange-ness, I present some of the usual:

Check out more of the kind of things I really like at The Sacred Sandwich.


How many of you cringed when you saw this?


Calvinist Kenny Halperman (right) suddenly regretted joining the “Free William Taylor” protest march.


Definitely random and cluttered, from the ICanHazCheezburger guy  at Fail Blog (make sure when you arrive at this site, you click the G-rated pics and movies only link – it’s normally pretty safe, but once in a while some questionable material shows up)



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