Giving Us Cause To Be Thankful… And Prayerful

Tim Challies had a link to the Sacramento Bee’s website on Monday. The article, along with the pictures were stunning… and not in a good way. You may wonder why I’d post this on the day before Thanksgiving. Well, I link to this so that tomorrow, when most of us will be sitting around a table over-laden with the bountiful blessings of food, rejoicing with family and friends, we would remember to be truly thankful for the incredibly rich blessings God has lavished upon us. At the same time, I hope that we’ll be moved to pray for the world around us:

• that God would extend His hand into these situations, touch lives there and preserve these little ones

• that God would work in such a way among His people in places, like ours (that are so well off that we throw away enough food to feed such children for months at a time), that we would rise up out of our abundance and find ways to help

• that Christ’s name would be exalted through the work of the gospel because Christians are doing work that no one else will

Enjoy your day tomorrow. I don’t want to take away from that. Yet be really thankful, won’t you?


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