Just a Few Quick Thoughts on a Monday

It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving… Cyber Monday, according to some hack who thought that Black Friday wasn’t sufficient to tap the greed and covetousness of the average American. I’m only going to be able to mention a few quick thoughts today. Tomorrow I’m hoping to have a couple of book reviews from a couple of “older” books.

First, Ann & I returned from our short Thanksgiving trip to Iowa with the news on our answering machine that our credit card had been used by someone to purchase software from Luxembourg, Sweden (try finding that on Google Maps!). Obviously, not very smart “cyber thieves.” They made three purchases from the same place for the same thing… kind of a tip off to the company who monitors our bank’s card (we’ve had this same card for 25 years and while it’s just a material item, all of a sudden Ann & I were feeling slight twinges of sentimentality about having to run it through the shredder). Fortunately, that was the only thing amiss. Now to go through the bank for a new card. There are many times Ann & I wish we were smart enough to know how to live without it, but haven’t quite figured that out in this age we live in.

Second, we had a delightful time in Iowa over the Thanksgiving weekend. We went to Ann’s parents first. Her father has Parkinsons and Alzeimer’s; her mother had double bypass surgery about three weeks ago. This made for a very thankful, but difficult visit. Still, it was good to see them for a bit. We also spent time with my family. On Black Friday, while most of the household decided to be brave (or foolish, not sure which) and try shopping, I spent a couple of good hours talking with my parent’s neighbor, answering some really good and hard questions about Christianity, the Bible, why catholics have priests called “Father” and others don’t, how to interpret the Scriptures and a relationship with Jesus Christ. Time well spent! Then, I waxed nostalgic and drove around many of the places in which I grew up until I was 18 and left home. Simply a wonderful time of giving thanks for all that God has done to pour His grace out upon me.

Third, welcome to Grace Acres Press. I’ll be reading/reviewing books for them, starting very soon. I just received Spiritual Maturity: The Road to Wonderland by Bruce Baker. It looks like a good read; I’ll let you know.

See you tomorrow!


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