99 Ways to Stretch Your Home Budget – a book review

budgeting.gifAbout This Book
With words like “recession” and “record unemployment” filling the air, the typical family–regardless of how the economy is treating them–will be paying attention to the budget. That’s why 99 Ways to Stretch Your Home Budget will receive a warm reception as it delivers scores of practical ideas to save cash around the house.

About the Author
Cheri Gillard is a freelance writer and editor for multiple publishing companies with numerous writing credits. Formerly an obstetric and pediatric RN, she hung up her nurse’s cap when she gave birth to quadruplets… after which she became well-acquainted with trimming home budgets.

My Review –
A very timely and very helpful little book. Weighing in at just 105 pages, you’ll find this a handy guide to draw upon quite frequently without necessarily having to read it cover to cover.

Gillard breaks budgeting down into easy to define categories: food, fashion, housing, and more. Under each category, she uses common sense and wisdom to recommend ways you can save money in your own budgeting. Most of the numbered recommendations also give a ballpark figure for you can save (depending on your area of the country) each month by following these suggestions. Very helpful and great motivation.

This may seem like a short review, but this book is just so practical I don’t need to say too much more – I’ll budget my words and save you some time. Order this book and make it your New Year’s Resolution to start saving money.

You may purchase this book at WaterBrook or at Random House.

This book was provided for review by WaterBrook Multnomah.


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