Did You Have a Merry Christmas?

I pray you all had a wonderfully blessed Christmas. The Sorensen family’s was just about all I could hope for: peaceful, quiet, nearly stress-free. The week was filled with lots of snow removal (this prohibited by parents from making the trek up from Iowa, but they’re coming this week, so that will be good) and preparations for services at Cornerstone.

It wasn’t certain whether our Christmas Eve service would happen, but the Lord held off snow and freezing (it just rained – about an inch and a half, which is the equivalent of roughly 13-14 inches of snow). I think the service was a blessing to all who attended. Christmas Day continued on with the “Hush” of Christmas: just the four of us until Rebecca and Devon (our new son-in-law) arrived late into the evening. Gifts were exchanged and it’s still fun, even though all our children are older now, to watch them open their gifts.

wordaday.jpgOne of my gifts I’ll enjoy all year long is a 365 New Words-a-Year calendar. Years ago, while ministering at Council Bluffs, Iowa, a dear friend and I received one of these. we would challenge each other during the course of most weeks. Each Sunday I would attempt to work in one of that week’s words into my sermons and it was Bill’s challenge to see if he caught which word I had used. I really wanted to work “brobdingnagian” into a sermon, but that word was just a bit too ostentatious and obvious. Well, this year, another in our church was given a similar calendar. I’ll leave this person anonymous for now, but kinesics is taken up during my sermons, hoping to determine when I have afflatus (and no, that’s not a bad thing!). I’ll probably try testing the powers of kenning and if they’re good enough offer guerdon of some sort.

So, any of the rest of you game to try? I’ll post a few words each week in the sidebar and give you opportunities to try them out, find them in my posts for the week and see what rewards I can motivate you with. May you purfle your vocabulary in delightful ways.


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