End the Year with Something Wonderful

I suppose one could say that I almost detest TV shows like "America’s Got Talent," "American Idol," and the like. Usually all it shows is that America really doesn’t have talent; we have an affinity for glitsch, flash and spangle, and exhibitionism. There have been a few singers who are decent, one or two who are quite good. However, most couldn’t hold a note on tune for their life.

Here, however, is a clip from the Ukranian version of "America’s Got Talent." I don’t know if it goes by the same name, but the format seems similiar. However, this woman shows real talent of the artistic variety. At first, you wonder how this can "entertain." But entertain is not what it does; it moves and stirs something deep within you. Watch and enjoy… and hope beyond hope that America’s versions could try to hold the candle the artist uses.


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