A Very Special Day, Indeed

Happy Birthday, Sweetie

Ann & Jonathan @ Rebecca's wedding

Today, January 6, is very special. It’s my dear wife’s birthday (valor prohibits me from stating her age, as well as a healthy sense of self-preservation). I don’t know if I’ll do a very good job of pampering her today. It seems my “Pamper Gene” is defective. The kids and I do have a few nice presents for he, we’ll go out to eat at one of her favorite places and enjoy the day. I do know I’ll do a better job at saying “Happy Birthday” than this guy did; now that’s one “poopy” birthday present!

It’s also a special day because January 6 is the anniversary of Charles Haddon Spurgeon’s conversion to Jesus Christ. Spurgeon, as a young man still in his late teens, was heading off to church when a snow storm drove him into a little “wayside” church. Few members were present, due to the weather. The pastor was ill and unable to preach, so one of the deacons took the pulpit, opened his Scriptures and read from Isaiah 45. After a few words, none of which Spurgeon seems to recall, the deacon landed on verse 22 – “Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else.” (KJV). It was at that moment that Spurgeon looked – he looked unto Jesus to save him, to grant him the gift of faith and convert him.

Six years later, as the pastor of New Park Street church, CHS preached about his conversion, using Isaiah 45.22 as his text. He has at least three extant sermons on this passage. Check them out here and here. However, the one I refer to is here. I’d encourage you to read it. It’s very moving, and if the Spirit gets ahold of you while you read, it will be more than that.

So, make today a special day for yourself as well. Even if you cannot pinpoint an exact time or place, can you recall your conversion when the Lord Jesus Christ became real to you and you trusted him to be your Savior? If you can, are there memories of that great event still as precious as they should be? Give praise to God for this special day.


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