A Book I’m Enjoying

I’m currently reading, to review, a book published by Grace Acres Press, a small group with the larger Baker Publishing house. It’s title: Spiritual Maturity – the road to Wonderland. the author is Bruce Baker (I’ll tell you more about him later).

This is proving to be a very enjoyable read. The format is set up to be almost like a devotional or study. Chapters are short, and at the end of each there are questions to probe your thinking and help you move on to the next chapter. At the beginning of each chapter, Baker uses a quote from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass, a story that most are familiar with only because of the Alice in Wonderland theme, but probably not from actually reading the whole book themselves. Each quote helps set up the theme of that particular chapter.

This fascinates me. At first, my initial thought was, “Oh no, another of these attempts to over-spiritualize something that is not spiritual (Through the Looking Glass) and to under-spiritualize that which is truly spiritual (the Bible).” However, Baker doesn’t do any of that. It’s really quite refreshing.

Baker also finds nothing helpful about the modern trend toward spiritual formation – clearly, a concept that has captured Christian book publsihing and selling. This too got my attention. It’s a thought I’ve had for quite some time. It’s just frustrating that it always seems to take someone to express these thoughts first, confirming what I thought in the first place. Ah well.

I’ll keep you informed as I read and then post my final review for all to see. But I can already tell you, only about 1/8th of the way through, that I’m really going to like this book.


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