A Little About a Lot of Things from Around the InterWeb

Some of these I remember very well, having grown up in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Fifty Ugliest Cars of the Past 50 Years: A Half-Century of Automotive Eyesores – BusinessWeek: “”

(Via Matt Perman.)

I plugged this via my Facebook status a few days ago, but wanted to give it another plug here:

3 Pages a Day – Joshua Harris: “”

I’m trying to give it a go, but my problem is that the books I’m reading are at my study at church and the time I usually have to read this type of extra material… is at home!

(Via Joshua Harris.)

I came across this in the suggested feeds from Google reader:

Amazing Mini Egg House by dmvA: “”

Not sure I’d want to live in it, but wouldn’t mind giving it a go for the summer. I’m open to offers from the company, so just contact me. Thanks.

(Via Google Reader.)

I might actually try this. I know my son-in-law would… he’s into “extreme biking.” But this looks safe. Really. Check it out.

Kolelinia / Martin Angelov | ArchDaily: “”

(Via Google Reader.)

And I’m thinking that those who watch “Biggest Loser,” “American Idol,” “Lost,” or “Survivor,” are probably doomed to die in the next year. I’m just sayin’…

Too much TV may mean earlier death – CNN.com: “”

(Via Google Reader.)

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