Friday Five

How do I miss these things? Why wasn’t I notified? Where are the CNN headlines? (Or at least dozens of those little scrolling thingies that consume nearly 1/4 of your TV screen and prove to be so obnoxious.) I’m really bummed that I have to celebrate this a few days late, but better late than never, I guess.

January 21 was National Squirrel Day. And I missed it.

However, as providence would, uhm, er-r-r, yes – provide, October 2010 is National Squirrel Awareness Month, and the second week of October has been designated National Squirrel Awareness Week. I’m not sure why National Squirrel Day isn’t in the middle of that week, but I’m guessing it’s because a squirrel is in charge here!

Well, to honor our little furry geeks, here are five, short video clips:

Thanks to Abraham Piper for bringing up this grand celebration.

PETA disclaimer: No squirrels were harmed in the posting of this blog.

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