Begin the Year with Resolutions? I don’t think so…

I’ve already gone on record about not making resolutions. Here are some good reasons why I don’t –


(click here to see an enlarged version of this comic)


(click here to see an elarged version of this comic)


Friday Frivolity

It’s been a busy week – ironic that the rush has come this week, when the sermon series I’ve been preaching during the Advent season has been on avoiding the rush in order to relish the hush of waiting upon the Lord. And this Sunday’s message brings it all home about how we are to wait upon the Lord. Oh well, God usually has to teach me what I’m preaching about the hard way.

Anyway, enjoy a little levity and frivolity with these snowmen comics.

Must Be Two-fer Tuesday

Sorry, but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get in some digs at culture, technology, geeks, and people!!


It’s okay… you know who you are!


I know some people like this!


This was Ann by Sunday evening!!


I love my wife dearly, but technology does not like her. I think she’ll break the Internet someday.