Friday Five

How do I miss these things? Why wasn’t I notified? Where are the CNN headlines? (Or at least dozens of those little scrolling thingies that consume nearly 1/4 of your TV screen and prove to be so obnoxious.) I’m really bummed that I have to celebrate this a few days late, but better late than never, I guess.

January 21 was National Squirrel Day. And I missed it.

However, as providence would, uhm, er-r-r, yes – provide, October 2010 is National Squirrel Awareness Month, and the second week of October has been designated National Squirrel Awareness Week. I’m not sure why National Squirrel Day isn’t in the middle of that week, but I’m guessing it’s because a squirrel is in charge here!

Well, to honor our little furry geeks, here are five, short video clips:

Thanks to Abraham Piper for bringing up this grand celebration.

PETA disclaimer: No squirrels were harmed in the posting of this blog.

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Friday Frivolity

It’s been a busy week – ironic that the rush has come this week, when the sermon series I’ve been preaching during the Advent season has been on avoiding the rush in order to relish the hush of waiting upon the Lord. And this Sunday’s message brings it all home about how we are to wait upon the Lord. Oh well, God usually has to teach me what I’m preaching about the hard way.

Anyway, enjoy a little levity and frivolity with these snowmen comics.

Friday Five – Christmas Letters

ChristmasLetter-lg.jpgWell, here we are, approaching Christmas and the end of the year, so you know what that means… the annual glut of Christmas letters coming through our mailbox, informing us about everyone’s life over the course of 2009. Here’s my list of five things that “bug” me about these letters:

1. Most aren’t informative.
• some are bullet-pointed lists
• that don’t tell me
• much of anything about you
• and your family,
• just a highlight
• or two

2. Some are too informative.
I’m sorry; you’re a friend or relative, but I really don’t need to know about your bunion surgery this past August. Tell me how it is with your soul, not your toe knuckles. (I was going to place a picture of a bunion here to make my point, but that was just too gross once I Googled images of bunions… ‘nuf said.)

3. A very few are just too perfect.
You know the type… we’re wonderful; our kids are wonderful with wonderful jobs and wonderful pets and wonderful grandchildren. Our time share in Mexico and Texas and Tennessee and Florida are wonderful. Our cruise in the Caribbean was wonderful and life is just, well, wonderful! Hmmm, I wonder how wonderful a little suffering would be?

4. Some only come once every five years.
I’m guilty of this one, so I’ve moved it wa-a-a-ay down the list.

5. Sadly, too many miss the real reason they should be sending these things – Christ Jesus is Lord, not only of Christmas, but over all the universe.
Santa's Letter.jpg
Do you send out year-end letters? Have I stepped (stomped) on your toes (I’ll leave you alone if you just had bunion surgery)? Did you just remove the Sorensens from your mailing list?