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Ending the Year Around the Blogosphere

Here are some of the things cluttering my mind after searching the web and a few of my favorite blogs. Enjoy.

Dave (I’m not making this up) Barry (always funny) gives a great recap of 2009. Please take my advice: don’t drink anything while reading Dave Barry, unless you’re the strange type of person who enjoys liquid squirting out your nose!
(HT: Gene Veith)

Dan Phillips, of TeamPyro, comments on why he believes in blogging, and why all the bloggers who are reporting the demise of blogging do so on their blogs. Good stuff (just remember, the first part is very tongue-in-cheek).
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I once had to (read: forced to because it was the only English class available) take Poetry 101 in college. I dreaded its approach. However, I almost enjoyed it (our instructor was a bit weird) and actually learned something. Erica’s daughter, Heather, has had to take up poetry for a college class and gives some really good examples here.
(HT: Erica)

I don’t do resolutions as a rule, but goals might be a different sort of beast. Stephen Altrogge might be putting salami on his resolutions list of things to give up this year. First part – hilarious. Second part – very good and challenging. Check it out.

Many people set out to read the Bible through each year. I wonder how many actually make it? Anyway, Crossway is offering ten – count’em, ten different Bible reading plans to choose from. 

By now, you’ve probably seen those word clouds over at Wordle. Well, there’s a cool site that has posted sixty-six clouds, one for each book of the Bible. Pretty cool.
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Finally, it would be difficult to end a year with noting some of the great Fails that have appeared. This one, for those of us in Minnesota, is particularly noteworthy.

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